Shiva and Shakti - Unmasked

The journey of healing, of ascension, can sometimes bring us little in the way of comfort. But we don't journey to gain comfort. We do it to become whole, to become real in the face of whatever we encounter. It can be a bare-knuckled challenge,…
William Blake, Albion Rose, ca 1793.

Vos Estis Lux Mundi - You are the Light of the World

The World is your mirror. Its negativity is mirroring the negativity within you. You are the focal point of this mirror. You are a divine locus. A divine locus of light. We usually react to the negativity of the world with negativity, and…

The Vegvísir

This is the Vegvísir. It is an old Norse symbol, similar to a rune. It was discovered in the Huld Manuscript but is said to be of much earlier origin. In Icelandic, the word means Wayfinder.  The Vegvísir promises that its bearer will…

Our Children Are Space Rockets

Written for my eldest daughter on her 19th birthday.   Our children are space rockets, and we are their launchpads. By the time they leave us, they should have what they need for space flight. As their launchpads, we need all the qualities…

Facilitating Constellations With People Who Were Adopted

This post occasionally gets updated. A professional family constellations facilitator recently asked for advice on facilitating a client who is adopted. I have written this post with experienced therapists and constellation facilitators in…

Perfect, Brilliant, Flowing Love

We need to feel safe to feel OK. And to change, we may need to feel unsafe for this to happen. In any relationship, we can ask the question "Do I feel unsafe enough to feel unsafe?". If we ever find that we feel completely and entirely safe…
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Chöd - Tantric Enlightenment

It wasn't a typical Saturday afternoon. We had just spent many hours chanting. And in a trance. I now sat alone with the Buddhist Lama, and he passed me a bowl made from the skull of a very ancient Tibetan monk and prompted me to drink. I took…

The Full Spectrum

I used to wonder. I used to wonder about enlightenment. About realisation. About freedom. About liberation. And I was only a child.   I wondered what it would be like to have a spiritual experience. And one day,…

A Heart Needs No Addictions

Don't try and change your addictions. You don't need to be free of them. Trying to stop being addicted to something never really works, as it means that you will be attempting to exclude the part of yourself that so longs for love and connection,…
on adoption and having two mothers

On Having Two Mothers

Sarah is my natural mother. My mother of origin. The mother of my origin. My birth mother. My biological mother. She lives in the Irish midlands, just a few miles from the very centre of the country. I was conceived within her, inside a white…
Daniel Burge Family Constellations

Daniel Burge Oxytocin and Ketchup

I was interviewed about adoption by the author and screenwriter Anne Heffron. "I have been putting off writing this post because I can’t possibly do the topic justice. I feel like I’m going to try to describe a beautiful baby to you by…
Daniel Burge Wild Communion plant medicine. Photo of Foxglove Digitalis Purpurea
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Wild Communion

A commissioned piece from the Association of Nature and Forest Therapy on how we can enter into direct communication with nature. Since then it has also been published by The Knowing Field, the international journal for constellation work. Recent…

Goodbye Daddio

On Friday 14th of this month, my beloved dad Bill drew his last breath and passed away, into the soft and gentle dawn. The night before I had made him as comfortable as possible, and eased his bed up next to my mum's to make a double, adjusting…