Source Medicine

“I don’t think I could ever evolve this like you have and for me it’s wonderful that you can take this forward”.

Peter Chappell, founder of Source Medicine

“It’s almost like its restructuring the morphogenetic field where the pattern is incoherent or the pattern is a little bit warped, and it is bringing the pattern into a full hologram where there are no spots that are warped or distorted”.

Feedback from a Constellation session using Source Resonances

Source Medicine is a practical application of the essential beyond-interconnectedness of all life.

It is an invitation for general and natural medicine, somatic therapies, trauma therapies, and family constellations to step into a new paradigm.

Source Medicine delivered by the medium of Source Resonances enables us to reestablish the integrity of the morphogenetic field and assist with evolving through the effects of psychological traumas and chronic disease, physical traumas and environmental toxins. Source Resonances assist with the transformation of consciousness.

I encountered Source Medicine in 1999, prior to it being named and when the technology was first emerging. I am now part of the Source Medicine core group, comprising medical doctors, scientists, homeopaths, psychotherapists and coaches, as we develop the system and make it more available to the world. I am a clinical tutor for the Source Medicine practitioner training program that began in 2021.

A session with me is an opportunity to encounter gentle, elegant and effective process work that has at its centre the restructuring of the morphogenetic field in real-time via resonance. It may look outwardly similar to a constellation session, but it differs significantly because Source Resonances are created and delivered directly to the client during the session. It is possible to experience a significant shift in just one meeting. When the session is over, you also leave with your own customised resonances that support you in integrating your experience and providing you with daily support for further integration and transformation.

Many of us realised in 2020, sometimes very suddenly, that we no longer have the time to indulge in more traditional and potentially never-ending healing methods.

Why spend more years in the trauma field, indulging your survival mechanisms or the trauma survival strategies of others? Now you no longer have to stay. With evolutionary support, you can step out, leaving the trauma field and finally become what being fully human is supposed to feel like. Once here, your divine nature becomes abundantly clear.

Source Medicine and Source Resonances are used by thousands of people every month from all walks of life. My current 1-on-1 client sessions present an opportunity to experience the leading edge of my work.

Appointments last approximately 90 mins and take place on Zoom. Please contact me for details or to book an appointment.

“This is an entire awakening – of relief”

Client feedback