Before we meet

I am always happy to speak with you before any appointment is made. I make plenty of time available for this every week so please just reach out and we will get connected.

Your Appointment

A personal appointment may last over two hours.


We can connect over Skype or Zoom, or in person.

Confidentiality and safety

All correspondence, appointments and client records are confidential. I offer you a space of safety and for trust.


Let me know if you are in need of a concession rate. I don’t exclude anyone due to financial circumstances.

I allocate time every week to speak to anyone at no charge. It is entirely free and without any obligation, and is your opportunity to find out more about me, what I do, and how I can help you. Click the button to schedule and call me on 086 209 2067. If you cannot afford to call me, I will call you – anywhere in the world.