Himalayan Retreat 2025

A life-changing transformative experience

The Expedition

In 2025, I will be holding an extended retreat on the Nepal/Tibet border.

We are planning for this to be a collaboration with a monastery and monks of the Bon religion and Buddhism.

This will be the trip of a lifetime. Magical, wonderful, radical and transformative.

You will be gone for a month.

And while you are gone, you will come home.


I wish all people to be free from trauma and for all of us to be liberated, fully embodied, sovereign, and in perpetual connection with our essence.

I have 28 years of varied Himalayan experience. I have apprenticed in the Himalayas in Kriya Yoga and Reiki. In 1998 I led my first ever retreat in Ladakh, Northern Indian Himalaya.

25 years ago I made a successful solo 350 mile (470 km) unsupported south-to-north foot crossing of the Himalayas. The expedition was backed by the North Face.

I am a global authority on the crowning medicine of Ayurvedic science, a substance that I collect at altitude in the Himalayas, purify and potentise and supply worldwide.

Before and After

There is the option of sandwiching the expedition period between other experiences, such as the finest luxury hotels in the Himalayas, or whatever you want. We can advise.

Want to know more?

Make contact. You will get to speak directly to me.