The journey of healing, of ascension, can sometimes bring us little in the way of comfort. But we don’t journey to gain comfort. We do it to become whole, to become real in the face of whatever we encounter. It can be a bare-knuckled challenge, a conflict of seeming polarities that have to be faced and reconciled, by looking at the brutality of the world directly in the face and acknowledging it, encountering it in all the ugliness, the chaos, and the beauty. Opening to a divine light that reveals our identifications, agreeing to and receiving all that is, as we dis-identify from illusions and become transformed. Transformation can be hard-fought and hard-won. It is what distinguishes us from those who stay identified in states of victim-hood.

No matter what we encounter along the way, as we navigate through the festering tar-pits of our individual and the collective human psyche, what spurs us on is the knowing that beyond the pain and suffering of the world, there is a tangible sense that there is always something else, a destination of eternal becoming that is our birthright; that loves us, comforts us, holds and embraces us, and ultimately transforms us.

This is the polarity of human existence. And in the transformation, we find ourselves landing exactly where we already are, but transmuted into the essence of the cosmos and bathed in newness. An uncompromising celebratory dance of life. A perpetual genesis birthing an eternal nirvanic love. We are the light of the universe. We are Shiva and Shakti – unmasked!


Image: Will Lull
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