Tembre de Carteret and I run regular constellations workshops near our home in Co. Clare, Ireland. Suitable for all, whether you are new to this work or have prior experience. Booking essential.

“I found the day hugely beneficial in terms of my own personal, emotional and spiritual growth. It’s quite hard to put into words just exactly what takes place, however there is a definite benefit in partaking for all individuals in the group. It’s interesting to sit and observe dynamics play out and also sit with that which arises and is looking to be embodied, transcended, experienced, held and let go of. Both Dan and Tembre are kind and gentle facilitators who also provide very safe and certain boundaries. Time is well planned and thought out and the setting is really peaceful, warm and containing. Food is wholesome and delicious and there are plenty breaks. You are very much able to go at your own pace and free to explore or not that which you may need to. I really enjoyed the day and felt really supported in what I came to look at, by the group and the facilitators. It is really impressive work”.